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Cufflinks that Match

Any well dressed man knows that a stylish outfit is coordinated.  Cufflinks offer an opportunity to add style, color and personality to an outfit.  However, it is important for remember that cufflinks should complement an outfit / style, not hijack it.

Below is some essential advice on how to match a pair of cufflinks.

The right shirt

The first, and most obvious step, is to make sure that you have a French Cuffed shirt to wear your cufflinks with.  Most French cuffed shirts are "double cuffs", which means the shirt folds over at the end and is held together with a set of cufflinks, rather than with buttons.

Adding color to a "classic" suit / tuxedo

Most people first get the desire to wear cufflinks after wearing a tuxedo for the first time (as most tuxedo shirts have French Cuffs).   The most classic design, especially for a black tuxedo, is to have black cufflinks. However, for me, matching cufflinks to a black tuxedo is the perfect opportunity to add color.  A classic black tuxedo, with a classic white shirt, a classic black tie (or bow tie) is simply screaming for some inspiration.   My advice, is to here be as bold as you like with color choices.   Perhaps spice up your tuxedo with NCAA Cufflinks or the logo of the Beer Cufflinks you like best.

Adding color where color exists already

Once you move beyond the classic "black and white" palette of a traditional tuxedo, however, here is when you need to make sure you match.  For example, a green shirt, a blue tie and red cufflinks - is probably going to make people question your health.   When matching a colored set of cufflinks to your already colorful outfit, simply make sure that the color is found somewhere else.  The easiest things to work with, is to match you cufflinks to:

  • Any of the colors in your tie
  • Any of the colors in your shirt
  • The color of your suit / jacket / pants
  • The color of your belt
  • The color of your handkerchief

Adding neutral colors to a bold color scheme

Another item to consider, is that if you have a bold shirt and tie combination already, you do not HAVE to match your cufflinks to that same color.  Simple black cufflinks, or silver cufflinks, or white cufflinks, may help provide some neutrality to a colorful combination you already have.  For example, a blue shirt and blue tie can look great together, but blue cufflinks might be a little much of the same.  So neutral colored cufflinks can actually help add some interest (just more subtly) to your outfit.


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