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Social media shoutouts

Our customers love sharing photos of their cufflinks out in the real world. Check out some more below: As always, thanks to our customers for sharing the love!    - Read More

Personalizing James Bond

We encourage all of our customers to reach out to us via email ( - should they have any ideas or changes to to our cufflink designs.  Yesterday we had a customer (lets call him "bond-lover"), email us with the following request... "I am interested in the James Bond 007 Cufflinks. However, I’m looking for a set of 7 (1 Groom and 6 Groomsmen) cufflinks with Special Agents 001 to 007 in black and white.  Can you replicate these for me??" Of course we can!!  So we took the current existing James Bond 007 cufflink design below:   And turned..  - Read More

Instagram Love!

Perhaps you have heard... but Instagram is kind of a big deal.  Here are some of our favorite shout outs from our social media savvy customers: As always, thanks to our customers for sharing the love!    - Read More

Happy #hashtags

Today we thought we would share some of our favorite customer @frenchcuffed #tweets!  Thanks to everyone who reaches out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even the ole fashioned Email.  We love to hear everything you have to say (even the occasional bad stuff?!).  We simply love making cufflinks. And apparently some of our customers love lining up their cufflinks on rows of bamboo for that extra perfect shot: Or having their groomsmen do the lining up.  Groomsman cufflink superheroes is a pretty solid look: And then there are the crossfit champions, yearning for french cuff shirts: And lastly,..  - Read More

FrenchCuffed in the NEWS!

Since early 2012, we have been keeping a tab on some of the cool places that our collection of FrenchCuffed Cufflinks are being featured. Check out some of the our favorites below... Check us at on the social media heavy hitter website Mashable, where they focused on our incredibly popular Apple Vintage Logo Cufflinks! We were also proudly featured as a Fathers Day Gift Idea over at Womans Day, where they picked up on our cool Vintage Vinyl Record Cufflinks! And our latest celebrity citing - was having Daymond John (founder of clothing brand FUBU), rocking our State Flag of..  - Read More

Cufflinks that Match

Any well dressed man knows that a stylish outfit is coordinated.  Cufflinks offer an opportunity to add style, color and personality to an outfit.  However, it is important for remember that cufflinks should complement an outfit / style, not hijack it. Below is some essential advice on how to match a pair of cufflinks. The right shirt The first, and most obvious step, is to make sure that you have a French Cuffed shirt to wear your cufflinks with.  Most French cuffed shirts are "double cuffs", which means the shirt folds over at the end and is held together with..  - Read More

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